Various Ways Damaged Roots Can Affect Your Tree

When it comes to tree care and maintenance, some homeowners may assume that minor problems can easily be handled as a DIY project in an attempt to save on costs. One of the more common complaints homeowners have is overgrown tree roots that may be encroaching on their retaining walls, underground piping and more. To counter this, you may consider mowing down these roots to shorten them or hacking them off to reduce their size. What you may not realise is that, if you do this, you will end up severely damaging the tree roots, and this will have a direct effect on the health of your tree, which is why it is prudent to hire professional tree services who would be better placed at handling these overgrown roots. Below are some of the ways that damaged roots can affect your tree.

Damaged roots will decrease the vitality of your tree

One of the direct effects of root damage is that your tree will steadily lose its life essence. The roots are the primary source of nutrition for your tree. If the transmission of this nutrition and hydration is impeded, your tree begins to deteriorate, as it will not be receiving the adequate amount of nutrients that it requires to stay healthy. Some of the symptoms of the declining vitality of your tree include an increase in the shedding of leaves, stunted growth of the tree, cracks in the tree bark, limbs dying off and more.

Damaged roots will increase the risk of diseases

If your tree is not in its best health, it will become susceptible to diseases. Just as humans need a healthy immune system to fight off infections, trees need their vitality to combat any diseases that they may be exposed to. If your tree has damaged roots, it will not be in good enough health to protect itself from opportunistic illness. You will also find that a tree with decreased vitality will also be more prone to pest infestations, as it will already start to decay.

Damaged roots will increase the chances of the tree falling over

The root system is not only responsible for providing nutrition to the tree. It is also tasked with anchoring the tree in place. If you damage the roots by trying to deal with them single handedly, then you are effectively compromising the stability of the tree. Tree instability increases the risk of property damage for you and your neighbours and makes the tree a safety hazard.

For more information, contact a professional tree care and tree felling company in your area.