Different Tree Services Provided By an Arborist

Although trees are known for having extremely long life spans, having them on your property does not automatically mean they will stay there for eternity. Despite the numerous benefits that trees bring, they do need routine maintenance and possibly eventual removal depending on their health. If you have recently moved into a property with numerous trees, it would be advisable to know what maintenance measures you may have to take at one point or another. Here are a few of the different tree services that are provided by an arborist.

Tree reports

Tree reports are one of the little-known services that you could engage from an arborist. A tree report is beneficial as it gives you the chance to know the condition of your tree as it ages. The arborist will come and carry out several inspections on the tree. These checks enable them to understand the structural condition of the tree and if it has acquired any disease. The arborist will then recommend what steps need to be taken to ensure the optimum health of your tree. By getting tree reports done on a regular basis, you can be assured that you will not be caught off guard by a declining tree.


Branch-chipping is another little-known service that you could engage from your preferred arborist. Homeowners will participate in tree pruning and trimming to ensure that their tree is attractive. Pruning is also recommended to ensure that your tree does not overgrow and pose the risk of property damage. Once the trimming has been done, you will have a lot of waste materials in the form of branches and twigs. Instead of throwing these away with your trash, you could engage branch-chipping services from your arborist. This service involves the chopping of the branches into smaller pieces that could be utilised for applications such as firewood, mulch and more.

Stump grinding

When some individuals have trees removed from their property, it is not uncommon for them to opt to have a stump left behind. In the beginning, this stump may seem inconsequential. However, over time, the stump can begin to decay. The decaying process then starts to attract pests to your yard, not to mention the steadily deteriorating stump becomes an eyesore. For complete tree removal, you should hire an arborist to engage in stump grinding. During stump grinding, the tee professional uses heavy-duty equipment to eliminate the remnant of the tree, leaving your yard completely flat.