Pruning Citrus Trees to Ensure Optimal Production

Your plans of planting a citrus tree may encounter a hard hit if you do not grasp enough knowledge on the proper pruning techniques involved with the tree. Pruning is a vital procedure and is all that is required to maintain a citrus tree in a healthy and productive state. The process is totally different from pruning other types of fruit trees for two major reasons. First, citrus trees have a stronger wood than other fruit trees and are less likely to break when subjected to heavy loads. Therefore, this ability alleviates the need for performing heavy pruning. Second, citrus trees can fruit in any section of the tree even with minimal sunlight unlike other fruit trees that are pruned to allow sunlight to the inner parts of the canopy for better fruiting. With simple tools like hand pruners, loppers, a pair of gloves, and curved tree saw, here are some pruning tactics for citrus trees that will ensure maximum production.

Handling Young Citrus Trees Just because pruning should be made minimal doesn't mean you can get away without pruning at all. Young citrus trees need regular attention for them to grow properly with good health. Younger stages have a great influence on the nature of citrus tree in its adulthood. The most critical tasks when dealing with trees at this stage is sprout removal which should be handled carefully. Weak limbs should also be cut off in a gentle manner.

Handling Mature Citrus Regular sprout removal is still necessary for mature citrus trees. The trees may also need judicious pruning of the dead branches. Check for any limbs that may appear ailing and remove them to protect the tree from any potential infections spreading to other healthy parts. This technique will also keep any dying limbs of the tree from using nutrients and water that could benefit the healthy parts of the citrus tree. The pruning process should also look for braches that crisscross to do away with them.

Protecting the Bark of the Citrus Tree There are cases where your citrus tree may have wood exposed to sun after the pruning process. You will need to protect it using latex paint or white wash since barks exposed to sun may develop sunbirds, which in turn cause cracking or cankers, a situation that may lead to decline of the entire tree.

TIP: Citrus trees are best pruned from February through April. It is not advisable to prune when there is harsh sunlight since the canopies can open up exposing branches to potential infections.

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