Factors That Could Influence Tree Removal Costs

There are a number of reasons why you may find yourself consulting a tree removal service. There are even more reasons that could influence how much you pay for tree removal. Dead trees, drying trees, storm damaged trees and trees that are causing root damage or an obstruction, are often removed to improve safety, appeal, function or simply prevent a feud with the neighbours. If you have such a tree and you are worried about the cost of removing it from your property, read on to find out which factors could have a bearing on the price you pay. 

Make Sure You Really Need Tree Removal

Before contacting a tree removal service think about whether you really need to remove the entire tree. If the tree is causing an obstruction think about whether you could just arrange for the branches to be lopped. In our world that is becoming a concrete jungle more and more every day, it seems a shame to chop down a tree that could otherwise be trimmed back. If you absolutely do require a tree removal service because of a dead tree or a tree that is causing structural damage to your property there are many companies around that can help you. 

Understand The Factors That Influence The Cost Of Tree Removal

There are a number of things that will determine how much your final tree removal bill will be. These include:

  • Size -- A large and established tree will take much more time and manpower than a small, skinny sapling. In fact, you could possibly tackle a smaller tree yourself. A larger tree will cost more to remove as the safety and removal implications are more complex. 
  • Location -- Where the tree is located could also influence cost. For example, if the tree is close to your property, the tree removal company will need to assess danger and risk of damage to your property and include this in their estimate. 
  • Tree Health -- Trees that are diseased, dying or dead will usually cost more to remove due to the labour and equipment involved in the process. 

If you have a tree that needs urgent and professional removal, it is worth playing it safe by calling in the tree removal experts. They will remove the tree using the most suitable and effective tree removal methods and ensure the tree is removed safely and without any risk to people, pets or property.