Basic Maintenance Steps That Tree Loppers use on Their Pruners

When you hire a tree lopper to take care of your outdoor space, they will often use a pole pruner to trim large trees and branches. This may be done in preparation for felling the tree itself, or to simply cut down obstructive branches.

Pole pruners are effective tools for tree loppers, but they also require maintenance at some point in time. Your tree lopper may need to replace the threading on their pruner to keep it effective on your vegetation. The maintenance steps on a pole pruner are as follows.

Ensuring the pruner is off

The first step is to ensure safety at all times. If you attempt to stick your bare fingers inside a pruner while it's operating, you can obtain a serious injury. Therefore, most loppers will ensure that the unit is off and not plugged into any connected source of power. They may also wear gloves and goggles during the maintenance process.

Removing the old thread

Pole pruners consist of a series of pulleys and anchors that enable the machine to reach the branches of tall trees. The rope is carefully threaded within these pulleys to make the machine effective.

When replacing an old or worn out rope, the tree loppers will have to carefully remove the threading from the pulleys. Next, the pulleys and blades will have to be inspected for any signs of wear and tear. Any damaged parts will need to be replaced.

Threading in the new piece

After removal of the old thread, the new thread needs to be carefully installed. The process begins by laying out the rope to ensure there are no tangles or knots that can cause the pruner to get stuck.

Each pruner has a specific threading process, but most machines have separated holes that tree loppers can use to thread the unit. At the end of the threading process, the thread itself should remain firm and tight.

Finishing off the threading process

Tree loppers also ensure that the new thread is not hanging loosely from the machine. Loose threading easily results in knots that can affect the unit during operation. To prevent this, the thread is cut to a slightly shorter length than the fully extended pole.

After successful threading, the pruner is ready to tame the cumbersome trees and branches in your yard. You can also check to ensure that the tree loppers you hire are using effective pruners for the job. For more information, contact a company like Bumble Bee Tree Lopping Service today.