Nearby Tree Damaged In A Storm? What You Need To Do To Get It Removed Safely

Australia is well renowned for the beautiful, tall trees that populate much of the coast of the country. Considering this is where most people in the country live, it is no surprise that every now and then problems can arise with trees that look to be unstable. If you have a tree in your backyard that was recently damaged in one of the many storms that Australia goes through every year, then you need expert advice and quickly. Before you chop it down on your own, you need to get the proper tree reports and council permission.

Why Do I Need Permission To Cut Down A Tree?

Many councils across Australia have special applications for tree removal, and without a good reason, your application will be denied. This is part of a larger beautification project by most big cities, which value the added natural beauty trees provide to otherwise suburban and inner-city areas. If you cut down a tree without getting permission, your council will likely fine you or even have you replant the tree with a new one. This can be a costly process that is simply not worth the risk. Tree reports make getting your application approved much easier.

What Are Tree Reports?

Tree reports are done by expert arborists and take a broad look at the health of the tree, from the leaves to the roots and soil. Tree reports can then be used to determine whether the tree would survive relocation or if it is damaged enough that removing it is the only safe thing to do. Tree reports are easy to commission; simply, organise a date (within the same week or even the next day) and make sure someone is there to tell the arborist compiling the report which tree they are supposed to look at. After that, it might take a few days for all the tests to be done, but for trees that pose an obvious structural risk, this will be fast-tracked.

Who Takes Down The Tree After The Report Is Approved?

Often the arborist who submits the tree report will know a good landscaping service that could take the tree down for you. In some cases, the arborist will be able to do it themself. It is very important that you do not attempt to remove this tree on your own, as it is very easy to underestimate just how big trees are. A controlled removal is best done by those who can predict a tree's actions, and that requires years of practice and hands-on experience.