Arborist Services That Could Be Relevant for Your Landscaping Needs

When some homeowners think of trees on their property, they tend to assume that they are only beneficial in terms of adding visual interest to their landscape while providing much-needed shade from Australia's balmy summers. And while these plants are functional in the aforementioned ways, this is not the only reason why they are beneficial. Healthy trees can go a long way in bolstering the value of your property, as they contribute greatly to the overall kerb appeal of your landscape.

Moreover, native trees, in particular, can provide habits for birds, which attracts local species to your residence. But it is also important to note that trees can prove dangerous if not cared for properly. Hence, it is crucial to know when to enlist professional arborist services. Check out the following arborist services that could be relevant for your landscaping needs.

Tree planting

One of the most commonly made mistakes by homeowners looking to improve their landscape in engaging in DIY tree planting without the necessary knowledge. Contrary to popular belief, tree planting does not entail simply taking a sapling out of the pot and burying it in the soil. Several considerations need to be had in mind or you could end up having to cut down the growing tree prematurely. For instance, choosing the best location is critical as some tree species may need an abundance of sunlight whereas others may need to be sheltered while they are growing.

On the other hand, some tree species can grow quite tall and end up interfering with power lines, fencing and even your neighbour's property if not planted in an ideal location! An arborist will have the expertise to prevent any unforeseen problems down the road by planting the sapling in a manner that will facilitate exposing the tree to conditions conducive for its growth while avoiding any undue property damage in future.

Tree pruning

If you already have one or more trees thriving on your property, you must enlist tree pruning services on an occasional basis. A blunder some homeowners make is assuming pruning merely entails cutting away a few tree limbs here and there, but this is untrue. In reality, tree pruning is carried out methodically and for a variety of specific reasons. Most commonly, homeowners will require tree pruning services after a storm when high winds and torrential rain have damaged multiple branches that could end up falling off and either damaging property or harming loved ones.

However, this is not the only reason why you would require this service. If you notice that a tree is leaning to one side, you may need pruning to balance the overall weight of the plant. Other reasons why pruning services would be essential include reshaping the tree, eliminating diseased limbs, thinning the crown to facilitate improved airflow and more.