Five Signs That Tree Needs To Be Removed Before It Falls

With wild winds and weather ravaging Australia in the last couple of years, fallen trees have become a big hazard. A fallen tree can cause substantial damage to properties, power lines and vehicles. They are also a hazard to life and can cause injury to people. However, unless a tree is completely and obviously dead and brittle and falling over, you may not know whether it needs to be removed or not. Sometimes it is not obvious.

Here are five signs that you need to remove a tree:

1. Cracking Up

Even though cracks in trees may appear to be one of the more obvious signs that you need a tree removal service, a lot of people may think cracks in tree trunks are normal. While some small cracks are normal, large cracks in trees are dangerous. Strong winds and storms can cause a cracked tree to break or fall. If your tree is cracked, it probably needs to be removed.

2. Falling Leaves

Falling leaves might not seem like too much of an unusual phenomenon, but if leaves are falling off your tree at an unusual time of year, then it could be a sign that your tree is dying or rotting. Rotting trees are at a much greater risk of falling, so it is best to get them removed before they do any damage.

3. Leaning In

A tree doesn't have to be completely tilting sideways for there to be a serious problem with the structure and integrity of the tree. If you notice that a tree is leaning towards one side, then it is at greater risk of being pushed or torn down during a strong storm. It is especially important to get the tree removed if you notice that the tree is leaning over the top of buildings, powerlines or other structures. 

4. Branching Off 

If there are a lot of sticks or branches gathering under your tree, then it could be a sign that the tree is malnourished. When trees become undernourished they lose branches, and this is a sign that the tree might be in danger of falling.

5. Totally Sick

Trees are like everything else in nature. They don't live forever and they do get sick. Signs that your tree has a disease include growths on the tree, discoloured leaves, peeling bark and roots that grow up out of the ground. If a tree is diseased past the point of saving, it can die and fall. In this case, you will need a tree removal service.

Falling trees are a big safety issue. If you notice any of the above things, a local tree removal service can help.