Different Professional Methods Of Tree Removal

When it comes to tree removal, it's important to hire a professional tree service to ensure the job is done safely and efficiently. Tree removal can be a potentially dangerous task, which is why it's crucial to understand the various methods professionals use to remove trees. This article explores different professional methods of tree removal to give you a better understanding of the process.


Felling involves cutting down the tree at its base. Professional arborists carefully plan the felling process so the tree falls in the safest direction. This method is suitable for trees with enough space around them to prevent any damage to surrounding structures. It requires the use of chainsaws and specialised equipment to ensure a safe and controlled fall.

Sectional Tree Removal

When a tree is located in a tight or confined space, such as near buildings or power lines, sectional tree removal is often used. This method involves cutting the tree down in sections, starting from the top and working downward. Each section is carefully lowered using ropes and rigging systems to ensure it doesn't cause any damage to the surrounding area. Sectional tree removal requires skilled climbers and proper equipment.

Crane-Assisted Tree Removal

In some cases, trees may be too large or located in such a way that traditional removal methods are not feasible. In these situations, a crane-assisted tree removal method is utilised. A crane is brought in to safely lift and remove large sections of the tree. This method is commonly used when there is limited space or access to the tree or when the tree is in a precarious position. Crane-assisted tree removal requires skilled operators and coordination between the tree service and crane operator to ensure a successful and safe removal.

Stump Grinding

Following tree removal, the lingering stump can detract from the aesthetics of the surroundings and act as a dangerous obstacle. Stump grinding is a method in which a specialised machine is used to grind down the stump, turning it into mulch or wood chips. This process allows for the complete removal of the stump, eliminating any safety hazards or aesthetic concerns. Stump grinding is a quick and effective way to deal with tree stumps.

Tree removal should always be left to the professionals. Different methods, such as felling, sectional removal, crane-assisted removal, and stump grinding, are utilised depending on the specific circumstances of the tree and its surroundings. 

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