Do You Need to Prune Trees Around Your Pool?

If you've chosen to install a swimming pool close to a tree or trees in your garden, then you have some extra work to do. Trees add to pool maintenance jobs and can pose a safety risk. Having your trees pruned back may be a good idea. What are the benefits of doing so? Reduce Tree Waste in the Pool If a tree overhangs a pool, then anything that falls off its branches could end up in the water. Read More 

Basic Maintenance Steps That Tree Loppers use on Their Pruners

When you hire a tree lopper to take care of your outdoor space, they will often use a pole pruner to trim large trees and branches. This may be done in preparation for felling the tree itself, or to simply cut down obstructive branches. Pole pruners are effective tools for tree loppers, but they also require maintenance at some point in time. Your tree lopper may need to replace the threading on their pruner to keep it effective on your vegetation. Read More 

Two Reasons to Consult an Arborist Before Cutting Down a Tree in Your Garden

If you're thinking about cutting down one of the trees in your garden, you should consult an arborist before you take out the chainsaw. Read on to find out why. You could end up incurring a hefty fine if you accidentally cut down a native tree In some states, there are very strict rules regarding the removal of native trees. In these states, members of the public are not usually allowed to cut down native trees (even if these trees are located on their private properties) without first seeking and obtaining the permission of their local council. Read More 

4 Important Factors to Consider when Building a Shed on Land With a Tree Stump

Building a shed in an area where a tree stump is located poses several challenges. While it is possible to build a structure over a tree stump, you do need to consider several factors before proceeding. The Size of the Stump Small stumps of several inches should not prove too difficult to remove with a spade and some elbow grease. A stump of 10 inches in diameter, on the other hand, will prove more difficult. Read More 

Factors That Could Influence Tree Removal Costs

There are a number of reasons why you may find yourself consulting a tree removal service. There are even more reasons that could influence how much you pay for tree removal. Dead trees, drying trees, storm damaged trees and trees that are causing root damage or an obstruction, are often removed to improve safety, appeal, function or simply prevent a feud with the neighbours. If you have such a tree and you are worried about the cost of removing it from your property, read on to find out which factors could have a bearing on the price you pay. Read More