Tree trimming techniques

Different Tree Services Provided By an Arborist

Although trees are known for having extremely long life spans, having them on your property does not automatically mean they will stay there for eternity. Despite the numerous benefits that trees bring, they do need routine maintenance and possibly eventual removal depending on their health. If you have recently moved into a property with numerous trees, it would be advisable to know what maintenance measures you may have to take at one point or another. Read More 

3 Species of Tree That Can Harm Your Cat

If you have a cat that spends time outdoors, you should ensure there are no plants or trees in your garden that could cause them harm. The Pet Poison Helpline has a list of plants that are best kept out of your garden if you have a cat, and if you have any trees that are poisonous to cats, the safest course of action is to have them removed. Here's an overview of three species of tree that are commonly found in residential gardens and are poisonous to cats: Read More 

Various Ways Damaged Roots Can Affect Your Tree

When it comes to tree care and maintenance, some homeowners may assume that minor problems can easily be handled as a DIY project in an attempt to save on costs. One of the more common complaints homeowners have is overgrown tree roots that may be encroaching on their retaining walls, underground piping and more. To counter this, you may consider mowing down these roots to shorten them or hacking them off to reduce their size. Read More 

When Pooping Calls for Pruning: 5 Ways to Stop the Birds in Your Driveway Tree from Pooping on Your Car

Birds and trees come in pairs. Where ever there are trees, there are bound to be birds. In most cases, this combination makes for a pleasant environment. Not only do you benefit from a tree's shade, air-cooling abilities and beauty, but you also get to enjoy the animals they attract, like squirrels and birds. Trees by driveways, however, are seldom synonymous with tranquillity due to the mess that rains down on your car throughout the year. Read More 

When You’re Stumped by Termites: Why Leaving a Stump in Your Yard Is an Invitation to Termites

Above ground, dead tree stumps can appear quite innocuous, especially if they are out of the way in a corner somewhere. However, below ground, it's a different story, especially if you live in Australia, where the hot and humid climate is ideal for the most voracious of wood eating pests around, the Formosan or subterranean termite. Of the approximately 300 species of termites that call Australia home, this species is the most feared. Read More