Arborist Services That Could Be Relevant for Your Landscaping Needs

When some homeowners think of trees on their property, they tend to assume that they are only beneficial in terms of adding visual interest to their landscape while providing much-needed shade from Australia's balmy summers. And while these plants are functional in the aforementioned ways, this is not the only reason why they are beneficial. Healthy trees can go a long way in bolstering the value of your property, as they contribute greatly to the overall kerb appeal of your landscape. Read More 

Nearby Tree Damaged In A Storm? What You Need To Do To Get It Removed Safely

Australia is well renowned for the beautiful, tall trees that populate much of the coast of the country. Considering this is where most people in the country live, it is no surprise that every now and then problems can arise with trees that look to be unstable. If you have a tree in your backyard that was recently damaged in one of the many storms that Australia goes through every year, then you need expert advice and quickly. Read More 

Various Circumstances When Tree Felling Is Absolutely Necessary

Are you considering having some trees removed from your residential property? If so, you will need to obtain a tree removal permit from your local council before you can remove the trees. Owing to the aesthetic value of trees and the crucial role that they play in ensuring ecological balance, tree felling is only allowed when there is no other option. Nonetheless, there are various circumstances when removal is necessary.  Read More 

Do You Need to Prune Trees Around Your Pool?

If you've chosen to install a swimming pool close to a tree or trees in your garden, then you have some extra work to do. Trees add to pool maintenance jobs and can pose a safety risk. Having your trees pruned back may be a good idea. What are the benefits of doing so? Reduce Tree Waste in the Pool If a tree overhangs a pool, then anything that falls off its branches could end up in the water. Read More 

Basic Maintenance Steps That Tree Loppers use on Their Pruners

When you hire a tree lopper to take care of your outdoor space, they will often use a pole pruner to trim large trees and branches. This may be done in preparation for felling the tree itself, or to simply cut down obstructive branches. Pole pruners are effective tools for tree loppers, but they also require maintenance at some point in time. Your tree lopper may need to replace the threading on their pruner to keep it effective on your vegetation. Read More